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children & youth

Pathfinders (Youth) Ministry
“Pathfinders” are our maturing junior high and senior high students – and they are a valuable and integral part of the congregation. They are not a separate, segregated group within the congregation. They are expected to worship with their parents and other adults each Sunday. Likewise, they are encouraged to participate in other ministries of Trinity such as Bible studies, volunteer opportunities and other congregational activities.

At the same time, these students benefit from particular discipleship as they begin walking the path of Christ. “Dinner and Discussion” is the weekly Pathfinder meeting on Sunday nights. It focuses on discipling our junior and senior high students. Ordinarily, this meeting begins with dinner and fellowship and then concludes with discussion and study of the Bible. When Sunday School is in session, a class is dedicated to Pathfinders.

An important part of the Pathfinder ministry is equipping and encouraging parents and other adults to disciple these students in the faith through events like our annual “Preserving Our Present” conference.
Children's Ministry
The covenantal nature of our congregation means children are part of the congregation; they are not a separate, second-class group within the congregation.

Children and Worship
Worship on the Lord’s Day is the central activity of Christian congregations. Once leaving the nursery, children are expected to worship with their parents and adults each Sunday. During each worship service, toddlers up to early elementary students have the option of attending Children’s Church during the sermon.

Children and Christian Education
Our children’s Christian education ministry begins when children leave the nursery and start the Toddler Sunday school class. They continue through the Early Elementary Class and then the Older Elementary class before leaving Children’s Ministry for Pathfinders.

Trinity hosts a Vacation Bible School each June. This VBS is open to the public but focused on teaching Trinity’s covenant children fundamental truths of the Bible.

We do not believe just one pastor, or just a couple of teachers, is the Biblical model for ministry. Rather, it takes pastors and many members cooperating in various roles to disciple children and teach them to love Jesus and love what He loved: the Church. 

In addition to worship and Christian education, Trinity’s Covenant Families ministry is for children and families.

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